Friday, October 19, 2012

The Virtual Shelf

Technology makes the task of putting together a catalog so much easier.  Years ago, my husband and his mother tried to create a list and were soon overwhelmed.  There are so many ways to approach a home library and sometimes the biggest decision comes in figuring out where to begin.

For now, I decided to begin sorting books by the year they were printed rather than trying to sort by subject or language.  I also decided I would need some kind of software and decided to use the program offered at  I haven't entered very many books into the program yet, but one feature I like is the ability to enter links associated with a particular book.

Personally, I am a fan of digitized books, especially when it comes to older, hard to find books.    More and more collections are being preserved in this way.  Google Books is one source, though there are many others such as Project Gutenburg.  Another way to find the books you are looking for and the nearest library is through World Catwhich locates books available at libraries around the world.  While not every book is listed, the odds are quite good of finding the one you are looking for.  In some cases, there are also links to electronic copies of these books as well.

Below are links to a couple books in Giovanni's collection that have been digitized.  I'll try to make more of these links available as I work through the catalog and begin building a virtual bookcase here as well.

Les ruines, ou, Méditation sur les révolutions des empires

 By Constantin-François Volney

Histoire de l'heresie des Iconoclastes et de la translation de l'empire aux ...

 By Louis Maimbourg

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